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Invincible Stepmother (2023) On Going

Other name: Dang Jia Xiao Niang Zi , 當家小娘子 Director: Chen Yue Jin Country: Chinese Status: Ongoing Released: 2023 Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance Description: Chi Yue is a modern day action movie star who accidentally time travels back in time into the life of a young widow of the Li family who has a stepson and two stepdaughters. Thrust into a role completely foreign to her she begins to get closer to her children and works hard to take care of them. She punishes the vicious relatives who dare to bully the kids. She becomes able to house, clothe, and feed the kids thanks to the successful winery and business she starts. She even teaches her eldest son to hunt and encourages her second daughter to study. In turn the children grow to love and depend on her. But someone is out to harm Chi Yue, causing her to fall into crisis after crisis. Will her modern day thinking save her... or fail her?

💽 Episode 01 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 02 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 03 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 04 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 05 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 06 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 07 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 08 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 09 👉 Click Me 🔗

💽 Episode 10 👉 Click Me 🔗

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