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MG Epi 02

Kim Mo Mi is an ordinary office woman with a severe sense of inferiority in appearance, and is caught up in various incidents while as an internet broadcasting BJ with her face covered with a mask. Joo Oh Nam is Kim Mo Mi’s coworker. He harbors a one-sided crush on Kim Mo Mi. As a character who also feels inferior about his appearance and lacks presence in general, Joo Oh Nam’s only source of joy is watching internet broadcasts. He will get swept up in an unexpected incident with Kim Mo Mi. Adapted from the webtoon series "Mask Girl" (마스크걸) written by Maemi (매미) and illustrated by Hee Se

Meask Girl EPISODE :

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📂 Episode 01 📂 Episode 02

📂Episode 03 📂 Episode 04

📂 Episode 05 📂 Episode 06

📂Episode 07


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