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Midnight Studio In New Teaser

Watch: Joo Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In Soo, And Eum Moon Suk Welcome Ghost Guests To Their “Midnight Studio” In New Teaser

ENA’s “Midnight Studio” has unveiled a new teaser ahead of the upcoming premiere!

“Midnight Studio” tells the thrilling yet mysterious story about a prickly photographer Seo Ki Joo (Joo Won), who runs a professional photo studio that only exists for the deceased, and passionate lawyer Han Bom (Kwon Nara) as they cross life and death with the night guests.

The newly released teaser begins with an introduction of a photo studio that only operates at night and is described as a location that only those with desperate need are allowed to enter. As the doors to the studio open, welcoming the guests are photographer Seo Ki Joo, Assistant Manager Ko (Yoo In Soo), who has been working at the studio for three years, and rookie Baek Nam Goo (Eum Moon Suk).

The three are tasked with taking the final photos of those who could not pass on to their next lives. With Ki Joo at the head, Assistant Manager Ko takes on various tasks including lining up the ghosts in a single file line while Baek Nam Goo is in charge of taking care of the rude guests.

Along the way, lawyer Han Bom joins the trio as she enters a partnership with Ki Joo to provide legal counsel for ghosts. An unlikely quartet, the four showcase great chemistry as they take on their respective tasks. The teaser ends with the crew saying, “Welcome, honored guest. We’ll take your photo now.”

Check out the teaser below!

“Midnight Studio” is set to premiere on March 11 at 10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

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Source : Soompi

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