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Solomon's Perjury (Tamil Dubbed)

Solomon's Perjury

2016 ‧ Teen ‧ 1 season

A group of high-school students are shocked by a classmate's sudden death over the Christmas holidays. Together they hold a trial to determine who the murderer may be, and each student reflects back on their year.

Final episode date: 28 January 2017

Language: Korean

Based on: Solomon's Perjury; by Miyuki Miyabe

Genre: Romantic comedy Mystery Teen CLICK THIS LINK ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ Direct Download Link (Telegram) 🔹Episode 01 🔹Episode 02 🔹Episode 03 🔹Episode 04 🔹Episode 05 🔹Episode 06 🔹Episode 07 🔹Episode 08 🔹Episode 09 🔹Episode 10 🔹Episode 11 🔹Episode 12

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