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The Mask Tamil Dubbed

A young woman from a poor family assumes a wealthy woman's identity in order to have the life she longs for. Starring: Soo Ae; Ju Ji-hoon; Yeon Jung-hoon; Yoo In-young No. of episodes: 31 Written by: Choi Ho-chul Genre: Romance; Melodrama; Family Language : Tamil

Source: @Korean_Drama_Tamil_Sub 🔊 Available Audio : Tamil 🔰 Join Us On Telegram @Korean_Drama_Tamil_Sub @Korean_Drama_English_Sub CLICK THIS LINK ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ 🔹Episode 01 🔹Episode 02 🔹Episode 03 🔹Episode 04 🔹Episode 05 🔹Episode 06 🔹Episode 07 🔹Episode 08 🔹Episode 09 🔹Episode 10

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