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When I See Your Face (2023)

Original network: iQiyi; Country: Chinese Status: Completed Released: 2023 Genre: Romance, Youth


Young girl Lu Hui was born with severe face blindness and is used to keeping a distance from people. On his first day back at school, Long Chengzhou, an international exchange student at Decheng University, helped Lu Hui, who was suspected of plagiarism. However, Lu Hui acted as if she had never seen him before since then. With that, he vowed to make Lu Hui fall under his charm, but he was moved by Lu Hui's frankness and sincerity, optimism and kindness, and fell in love with her in the process of approaching her first. After discovering the secret of Lu Hui's face blindness, he turns into a boyfriend in shining armor to protect Lu Hui and tries to make the face-blind Lu Hui remember himself. Unknowingly, he has become a special person in the eyes of Lu Hui. As if it is the secret guidance of fate, the two who have met long before falling in love...

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