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Social: Prithvi (Naveen Kasturia) is about to return to the US but finds that his sister has gone missing. Is she a victim of a prank or something sinister online? Vikram Sampat's (Rana Daggubati) …

Rana Daggubati enters the digital space with his new web series, Social, which is a bilingual thriller streaming on Viu. He has produced, as well as acted, in the mystery series, which is released in both Hindi and Telugu. Here’s our review of the first two episodes of the series… Also Read - Lakshmi Manchu reveals how she annoys newlyweds Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj [Exclusive]

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The series begins with a channel interviewing Vikram Sampath (Rana Daggubati), the owner of a site called Social. Social is about propagating socially viable viral videos and Vikram had run a contest to chose the best out of them which will get a special prize from his company. As the interviewer reminds Vikram that it has been quite a tumultuous few months, ever since he made his announcement, the actions shifts a few months back. Prithvi, an IT-professional, based in Hyderabad, cancels his US trip when he learns his sister, Veda, has gone missing.


When the police are helpful in helping him find out the girl, Prithvi puts on a mask, hacks the police website during its launch and challenges the kidnappers that he will find them. To his aid come his old friend Neelesh, his harried aide, Chaand, and a mysterious phone-sex caller. How they try to find out what happened to Veda and what role Vikram’s Social has to play in the whole game is what the rest of the series is all about. Also Read - Anushka Shetty thanks Allu Arjun and Rana Daggubati - here's why

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It’s great to see stars like Rana Daggubati encouraging digital platforms and making content only for that, while also starring in it. Social has an interesting story to boast of – a mystery thriller that also highlights the dark side of technology. But like what Rana’s character says at the beginning of the first episode, it’s not the technology, but the humans who are responsible for bringing out its dark side. The suspense works throughout the episodes, and we are really curious to know as to what happened to Veda.


There are also some social judgments thrown inbetween, like the scene where a police officer checks out the missing girl’s pictures with great interest and tell her brother that she is ‘chaloo.’ The scene where Prithvi hacks into the police website is also interesting. All the main leads are quite adept in their roles.

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